Aviation Charges Intelligence Center


IATA’s ACIC solution is the most comprehensive and up-to-date platform for aviation and aeronautical charges including worldwide airport, ATC, landing, passenger, fuel charges and government taxation.

Includes advanced reporting and charges analysis:

  • Calculation tool
  • Simulation tool
  • Benchmarking tool
  • Data feed

Updated daily, IATA’s Aviation Charges Intelligence Center is your primary source for accurate and detailed charges information, custom analysis and flexible comparisons of aviation charges. With granular breakdown of charges and taxes levied by some 900 airports and 218 states, ACIC meets your complete range of aviation charges analysis and reporting needs.

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Latest Developments
Japan 23.10.2020
Kansai (KIX): Waiver of parking charges by 100% for grounded aircraft and airlines will only be charged for parking charge based on the original schedule.
Application/Approval process is required for this benefit, which is valid till May 2020. KIX Airport announced a new incentive scheme for airlines applicable from July 2020 to March 2021. Discount on landing charges (starting from 40% for short haul flights and 60% for mid and long haul flights in July and August and gradually decrease to 5% and 10% respectively by March 2021) will be given automatically for 3 consecutive months for each route once an airline starts operating 4 or more flights per month for that particular route. No discount will be given if an airline launches flights in February - March 2021.
Kansai Airport has extended its incentive scheme announced in June 2020: Landing charge discount is applied to all airlines in July-October 2020 (i.e. 2 months extension). After November 2020, some restrictions are applicable. Kansai Airport has revised its earlier announced incentive package and extended the applicability of landing charge discount to all international flights till December 2020 (previously up to October 2020). The extension also means that the targeted discount for airlines operating 4 or more flights per month will now start from January 2021 instead of November 2020.
Japan 23.10.2020
Haneda (HND): 20% reduction in office rent, lounge rent, check in counter facility charge, aerobridge and BHS charges from April 2020, that were due to expire in June 2020, have now been extended until September 2020. In addition, the planned increase in counter charge from April has been suspended. Tokyo International Airport Terminal (TIAT) at Haneda (HND) airport is extending its discount program to the end of December 2020 (previously up to September 2020). The discount program comprises a 20% discount for office and lounge rents, as well as for facility usage fees (e.g. counter, BHS, PBB usage fee).
Japan 23.10.2020
Hokkaido Airport: Hokkaido Airport has announced the extension of relief measures (waiver of landing, parking and security charges) for charter cargo flights and the 20% office rent discount for another 2 months to September 2020. Similar relief measures for other flights have expired at the end of July 2020 and will not be extended.
The following landing charge discounts have been made effective immediately by Hokkaido Airport:
1. Discount for new routes:
Applicable routes: New routes (both domestic and international);
Landing charge discount: 1st year 100%, 2nd year 75%, 3rd year 50%, 4th year 25%, 5th year no discount.
2. Discount for late night/early morning operations (International only):
Applicable landing time: 2000-0900 HRS;
Landing charge discount: 50% for 5 years.
Hokkaido Airports Corporation is extending the 20% office rent discount at Sapporo Chitose Airport (CTS) till the end of November 2020 (previously up to September 2020).